RB/A renovated a beautiful 1960’s living room, and added a small sunroom, to extend the lines of the original living room into the landscape. Converting the formally solid walls on either side of the fireplace to glass gave more presence to the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture while providing visual connection to the garden. Materials used are travertine floors and washed cedar siding. A recessed sliding door provides visual and acoustical privacy to the two spaces when required. The design team included Henry Brown Interiors and Tom Dearborn Lighting.


The materials used in this small, below-grade wine cellar are mahogany, concrete, stainless steel, and granite. RB/A incorporated below-counter storage for linens and silver.

Location: Raleigh Hills, Oregon

Project Team: Richard Brown AIA, Geoffrey Harker, and Jason Didion

Landscape Architect: Hoichi Kurisu

Contractor: Ostmo Construction

Photographer: Dale Christopher Lang, Ph.D., AIAP, NW Architectural



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